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How to Download and Install WordPress Manually On Localhost | Wampp | on Windows 10/8.1/8/7

how to setup wordpress on Localhost | WAMP Server | Installation WordPress for Beginners

WordPress HD Image

Before Setup WordPress you'll Need:

  • Latest Version of WordPress
  • MySQL Database and user for WordPress and
  • Wamp or Xamp Server
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Let's get start

Few Easy Steps To Create a WordPress Website on Localhost or WAMP server

Step 1: You'll Need to Download Latest Version of WordPress From website.

Step 2: Download and Open Wamp Server (Type URL in Browser: or localhost).

Wamp Server Image
Wamp Server

Step 3: Click on phpmyadmin link and Create MySQL Database.

phpmyadmin create mySQL database

Step 4: Now Extract WordPress File in Drive "C:/Wamp64/www/Example" Folder.

Step 5: open Any Web Browser and Enter "URL : https://localhost/Example".
           (you can also enter this URL:"").
           you can see display window below:

Select Language and Click on 'Continue' Button.
wordpress installation first screen

Step 6: Before getting started you Configure Database information.
            you will need know the follow items before proceeding:
  • Database Name
  • Database UserName
  • Database Password
  • Database Host
  • Table prefix
Click on 'Let's Go' Button.


Step 7: 

  • Database Name: Enter Your  MySQL Database Name Which you Connect with WordPress. 
  • UserName: Enter Your Database UserName.
  • Password: Enter Your Database Password.
  • Database Host: If you install WordPress on localhost than enter loclhost.
  • Table Prefix: Enter table prefix. Default Table Prefix Value is 'wp_'. 
Now Click on 'SUBMIT' Button.


step 8: Next Click on 'Run the Install'.


Step 9: You Can See Next Welcome Page.

  • Here You Can Set You Site Title like 'Example_website'. 
  • Set Your UserName like ABCD...
  • Set Login Password.
Now Click to Install Button , Few minute WordPress install...


Step 10: WordPress Installation Process is Complete.

Now You can Login into WordPress with your UserName And Password.


Step 11: You can see WordPress Dashboard, where you can manage Front-end of your Website.

Now, you Create/Manage Wordpress Website on Localhost.

WordPress Dashboard Image

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